I was born in Lima, Peru. In 2008, I moved to the U.S. to study photography at the San Francisco Art Institute. In 2017, I was accepted to the full-time documentary program at the International Center of Photography. This was possible because I was awarded the Directors Scholarship.

I do not consider myself an artist, or a photographer, I don’t like labels because nothing is static. The world is constant change and we as human permeate from this constant. 

My work invites you to see the world through my gaze. Lately, my work has shifted into documenting social issues that are largely ignored by society. You can see this in my Aging Solo Project and the Women Love Letters Series.

I hope my work triggers you to think about the way you see the world. Thank you and enjoy.


San Francisco Art Institute / BFA Photography – 2012
International Center of Photography – One Year Certificate Program Documentary Photography – 2018

Group Shows

Signal Crossing – ICP Graduate Program Show – May 2018
Belmar Arts Center – New Voices – August 2018
Pen + Brush Gallery – Furies, Fairies, Visionaries – September 2018
Float Magazine – Instagram Takeover – December 2018